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You can find below the list of Press Brake Manufacturers in Turkey. We have listed the best Press Brake Manufacturers for you. You can contact with them and find the best manufacturer of Press Brake.

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What is Press Brake?

Press brakes are sheet metal working benches that are more commonly used in metal forming workshops. Press brakes apply tons of force to shape solid metal objects. The most common practice is to bend the sheet metal to the specified angle.
With the development of technology over the years, press brake forming technology has also undergone changes. This can minimize generalizations about machine tools. While on the market for a press brake machine, it is necessary to have a firm grasp on how these new or second hand machines work and how each model differs from the other.
We have listed the necessary information about the press brake forming technology for you so that you do not have any question marks in this regard.

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    There Are Four Different Ways of Applying Press Brake Force

    • Hydraulic,
    • Pneumatic,
    • Electro servo mechanism and
    • Mechanical.

    Press brakes, which are divided into these four groups, are more preferred than hydraulic press brake models equipped with CNC control systems, which are frequently used today. With the ever-developing electronics and software technology today, possible errors that may occur on the simulator programs are prevented by adjusting the force required to be applied to the sheet metal to be processed in line with the preferences made by the expert who is at the head of the press brake, via the CNC control panel, and then before the bending process is performed.

    The material to be processed with the press brake can be processed even in the most sensitive dimensions. The section called the back gauge; It is produced in a position that can be moved in four directions during the bending process. Most of the time when talking about press brakes, people often have an idea about mechanical or hydraulic drive systems, this is because they are the most widely known. Your decision as to which press brake you should use will depend on your application. For example, if you have a job that does not require high tonnage, a machine with an electro servo mechanism will do your job easily. Or, if you need to bend very thick pieces of steel, which is the opposite, it would make more sense to use a hydraulic machine.

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    Press Brake Parts

    The components of a press brake can vary from machine to machine, depending on the type of drive system it uses.

    The basic structure of the press brake generally includes:

    A bed for resting the material to be processed,

    A specialist to push the material over or to push the part up

    Molds for the brake bearing to help shape the metal

    A back gauge to ensure the bend is in the right place and

    Some old machines of the system, which is a computer numerical control system, also known as CNC, may not have this feature, but this feature is very common for the recently produced press brakes. One of the biggest differences between these machines is the drive system used to move the jack. Another difference between the machines is the different control axes that the machine can have.

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